Issue No. 7

Nvidia joins the $1 trillion club 💸 Doubt troubles the carbon removal tech sector ⚙️ Tech companies and Western firms rethink operations amidst US-China tensions 🇨🇳 The US incentivises domestic rare-earth supply and production 🇺🇸

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The Broad View

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Nvidia is valued at $1 trillion  

A Chip Empire 40 Years in the Making: Tech Daily
Nvidia boss Jensen Huang is being hailed as Taiwan’s favorite son this week, dominating the spotlight at the annual Computex trade show. But first…
Nvidia is not the only firm cashing in on the AI gold rush
Selling specialist chips and infrastructure is becoming a trillion-dollar industry
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Chip wars with China risk ‘enormous damage’ to US tech, says Nvidia chief

The Deep Dive

In-depth analyses where business meets geopolitics and global affairs. Read/watch/listen.  

Key UN climate panel casts doubt on future of carbon removal tech

📖  | AXIOS

Apple vs. Samsung’s Strategies to Move Manufacturing Away From China


Essential Geopolitics: Beijing's Campaign Against U.S. Firms

Beijing’s Campaign Against U.S. Firms | RANE Podcast Series
Lately Beijing has conducted police raids on a number of U.S. firms as part of its campaign to make the corporate due diligence sector “healthy”. More than a few analysts have highlighted the contradiction between Beijing’s repeated pledges of support for foreign businesses and these latest raids. I…

🎧 | RANE

The U.S. Wants a Rare-Earths Supply Chain. Here’s Why It Won’t Come Easily.


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