Issue No. 4

Understanding the Big Tech layoffs, Russia's diminishing leverage in the world economy, Mexico's ban on atmospheric geoengineering experiments, and Chinese businesses challenging Western governments over national security decisions.

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5 takeaways from the massive layoffs hitting Big Tech right now

Google, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft have collectively laid off 51,000 people over the past couple of months. Here are five key insights to get a grasp on these substantial numbers.

NPR | Big Tech

The World Economy No Longer Needs Russia

Almost one year into Putin's invasion of Ukraine, Russia is facing a shortfall in gas sales and commodities exports. European consumers have shifted to alternative energy sources, now the nation's slip in its place in the global gas supply chain has eroded the leverage it once had in waging its war.

FOREIGN POLICY  | Global Economy

What Mexico’s planned geoengineering restrictions mean for the future of the field

A startup's unauthorised experimentation with spraying sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere over Mexico to tackle global warming has caused a chilling effect--but not on the climate. Citing the potential known and unknown risks to the planet and communities, and the lack of regulation, the Mexican government is banning all similar experiments in the controversial field of solar geoengineering.


How Chinese companies are challenging national security decisions that could delay 5G network rollout

For a look into the interplay between business, domestic politics, and geopolitical rivalry, look no further than the signal bars on your mobile phone. Caught in the throes of the waning relations between China and Western governments, Chinese businesses, including 5G-forward Huawei, are taking to international tribunals to challenge countries' decisions to exclude them because of national security concerns.


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